Creating a Child Abuse Essay

An general child abuse essay should incorporate all different types of abuse.

A writer shouldn’t limit the tone or angle of the essay to only one aspect, unless of course, it is a short 250 word essay. But, regardless of the essay length, the writer should explain clearly the focus of the project in the introduction to an essay. For longer projects, it is imperative to capture all of the factors and classifications of abuse. This will not only help the author avoid writer’s block but it will help provide more substance to the body.

Let’s go through some examples.

Mental and emotional abuse are terms that encompass a broad range of verbal or torturous situations. These are common in abusive situations. Many common places to find a lot of this type of abuse present are families that are in the middle of custody battles. Here are a few examples:

  • mom might often call the father a В«dead beat dadВ» in front of the children.
  • one (or both) parent(s) might make up lies to encourage the child to hate or be fearful of the other.
  • manipulation of feelings or situations

Remember that this specific type of abuse incorporates anything that alters the child’s sense of reality. This can contribute to serious problems in a child’s future. Unfortunately it is hard to spot right away and can often lead to more serious forms of abuse. Books that are written by reputable mental therapists are great places to find valuable information. Statistics and various facts are vital additions when writing a child abuse essay.

Physical abuse is controversial. For instance, while it may be acceptable for a parent to punish by physical force for reasons of correction but if a parent applies physical force for no reason but to extract information or to release anger it is abuse. When correcting a child, the punishment should fit the crime. Excessive physical discipline for minor offenses are also taken into consideration when determining if abuse is present.

Sexual abuse is a very black and white subject.

There is appropriate touching such as a hug or simple kiss but when it comes to invading private space or uncomfortable fondling it is clear that there is abuse. For things of this nature it is important to consult organizations and literature that presents updated statistics. There are so many resources out there for this type of abuse that can contribute beneficially to creating a well written child abuse essay.

So, as you can see there are many aspects to abuse. When writing your child abuse essay, be sure to incorporate all of them along with facts and figures from reputable sources. Speculation and opinion are not going to get good reviews of your work. Always have something to back up your every point. The internet has a wealth of up to date statistics that can help with each section of the essay. Books or studies that are written by experts in the field of child psychology can assist in the development of the project.

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